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Thread: FSX SP2 with Windows 8.1?

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    Default FSX SP2 with Windows 8.1?

    Has anyone gotten FSX SP2 to run smoothly with windows 8.1? I'm thinking of upgrading-clean install of 8.1. Thanks!

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    Whoah there! FSX Gold Edition works fine on my Windows 8 (other than somewhat frequent crashes, annoying), but please take my advice: be careful about Windows 8. I also have a friend using FSX Gold on a Windows 8 laptop, his crashes all the time as well.

    This is coming from someone who has used a Windows 8 computer since the week they came out, because my old computer died. I'm doing some work today, and it's cut out on me three or four times since noon (I kept backups). It's not a virus, because the computer been doing this on and off since the time I bought it, despite the frequent automatic updates. I've tried stopping them, it's no use.

    I heavily advise against downgrading to Windows 8.
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    My Super-Duper Simming Computer: the cheapest HP tower Best Buy sold, stock CPU and video card, years old Creative speakers (one still working!), one faithful old CRT monitor as old (or older) than I am, twin half-broken X-Box 360 controllers (my engine and view controls), and a dying Logitech Extreme3DPro stick.

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    Hey Thanks for the headsup! Some of the other post here say to install FSX on the C:\ drive not in the program files, some say on the desktop, right click on the fsx icon and all other fsx product icons and click on properties. Then set the compatibility to windows xp service pack 3. I found a free skin for 8.1 that looks like windows xp or 7 it's won't help your issues but it might make the switch from xp to 8.1 easier. I'm still holding onto windows 7 for now. Thanks again for all your info and suggestions!
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    Dougie D., I beg to differ. I was running FSX Gold under Windows 8 (not 8.1) just fine, but I do (and did) not run ANYTHING off that stupid MetroUI interface that Microsoft wrapped around the base Windows 8. The base OS is fast and stable, that has been my experience, and FSX has not crashed once on that system.

    I said I was running FSX Gold under Windows 8 because I had to leave the computer itself when the typhoon hit us here in November of last year. I salvaged the hard drives and will be installing those when I get around to getting a new computer.


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    I also run FSX Gold on Windows 8 (not 8.1, can't comment on that OS as I haven't bothered to "upgrade") without issues. Speaking of that failure called Metro, I personally use a program called StartIsBack that emulates the good ole Windows 7 start menu almost perfectly.

    Dougie D: Have you applied the UIAutomationCore.dll fix yet? Normally in Windows 7 and 8, FSX will suffer a CTD everytime after you touch anything in the Alt menu.

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    Well I guess by the sound of it, FSX will work with windows 8 but don't install it or any of the add-ons in program files, just the c:\ FSX folder on the root partition. Where can I download the UIAutomationCore.dll file? Also you can download a startisback type program for free from Thanks everyone for your advise.

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    Jammerjohn, I can't remember where to get this file, but search the threads and somewhere you'll find a download link. If you're using an ATI graphics adapter you may have to roll back the ATI video driver version - again, info on that also in the threads.


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    I've not got 8.1 but I have them both installed and work great on 8.0. There's nothing in 8.1 to make any difference to them as far as I'm aware.

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    Just got an email from mickeysoft. They suggest installing FSX and all add-ons to the root c: drive in windows 7 and 8 (8.1). PLUS right click on each program's exe icon and then click on properties. Set the compatibility mode to windows xp service pack 3. Apply and ok the change.

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    Well guy's I don't know what kind of computers you are using.I have been running windows 8 and 8.1 since they both came out and I have never had a problem with FSX and all the scenery and add on planes.......I run my Sims on seperate 240gig ssd drive with No problems fs2004 fsx xplane10

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