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Thread: FSX crashes on Windows 8.1 - New user needs help

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    Hi Rob
    I now see what to do. When I get a 'freeze' while flying in FSX, I select 'custom view' and at around the precise moment of the 'freeze', I have looked at the application errors and do not see fsx.exe listed. What does this mean in relation to my problem?

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    Hi Rob,
    I now see what to do. I have selected Custom View and looked through the application errors around the precise moment of a 'freeze' in the flight and see nothing under fsx.exe. What does this mean?

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    Hi Rob,
    Should have mentioned, in "This PC->Local Disk(D->FSX" I do have UIAutomationCore.Dll listed.
    Is the correct?

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    Hi Rob
    Finally pinned the fault down. Here are the General details of the Event (hope I have typed it in correctly - can't see how to paste it):

    Faulting App' Name:fsx.exe. version:10.0.61472.0,time stamp:0x475e17d3
    Faulting Mod' Name:FSUIPC4.dll,version:4.2.0,time stamp:0x471ea2e1
    Exception Code:0xc0000005
    Fault Offset:0x00039665
    Faulting Process ID:0x18cc
    Faulting App' Start Time:0x01cf1c4782edebe6
    Faulting App' Path: D:\FSX\fsx.exe
    Faulting Mod' Path: D:\FSX\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll
    Report ID:2fd6ba05-885b-11e3-bf1b-74d02b93293e
    Faulting Package:
    Faulting Package - relative app' data:

    All this means nothing to me, apart from me recognising "Faulting Module Name:FSUIPC4.dll". FSUIPC4 is something that I think appeared when I was installing an aircraft: I think it was possibly 'Red Arrows'. Is there a corruption here?

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    If FSUIPC4.dll is the faulting module, you need to update it.

    Download the newer version from Dec. 2013 and install it over your older version, if you already have not done that.
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