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Thread: FSX crashes on Windows 8.1 - New user needs help

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    Default FSX crashes on Windows 8.1 - New user needs help

    Hi All,

    I am new to forums but need some help, I have recently upgraded my PC and now I am having trouble with FSX on Windows 8.1, having read some of the threads the crash details are below,

    Fault application Name: fsx.exe, version:10.0.61637.0, time stamp 0x46fadb14
    Faulting module name: uiautomationcore.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x52lfcc0b
    Exception code:0x0000005
    Fault offset: 0x0000210f
    Faulting process id:0x558
    Faulting application time: 0x01cefa6cd588c009
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\ Microsoft Flight Simulator X\FSX.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\uiautomationcore.dll
    Report ID: 2741d15f-6661-11e3-be88-7845c4fe8207

    I really love the features on FSX but the crashes make it impossible to play, would appreciate any help

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    Don't know if the same fix for Windows 7 will work.

    If you are getting UIAutomationcore.dll errors, put the UIautomationcore.dll version 6.0.6001.18000 or UIAutomationCore.dll version 6.0.5840.16386 in your main FSX folder. Nowhere else. FSX will find it there and use it, without affecting any other programs.

    I have two computers running FSX and one rig only works with one, and the other rig only works with the other. Odd.
    A few folks have gotten the error and neither worked. The other alternative is to delete/rename all of the uiautomationcore.dll files in FSX and Windows. Any application that does rely on it may not longer work correctly...Don
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    Faulting module is uiautomationcore.dll Do a Google search to find the correct download for this.dll and install it into your main FSX folder.

    Try this!

    This may take some experimentation on your part.

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    Hi Guys, thanks for the replies, I had seen the UIAutomationcore.dll update on other forums but was a little concerned as some were saying no to do it, I guess to your point, just put it in the main folder.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dibbs View Post
    Hi Guys, thanks for the replies, I had seen the UIAutomationcore.dll update on other forums but was a little concerned as some were saying no to do it, I guess to your point, just put it in the main folder.

    Just to be clear, put it in the main FSX folder (not the main windows system folder).

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    Hey Guys, I have installed the .dll file and am pleased to report that FSX and AH are now in harmony and I am able to fly with no crashing. Thanks so much for your help


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    Glad you got it's so much more fun that way!

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    Hi all

    I have possibly a similar experience. I run FSX in Windows 8.1 and occasionally experience something that is not exactly a "Crash To Desktop". The flight would "Freeze" momentarily and then immediately, automatically, re-start FSX with the original flight.

    I have "UIAutomationcore.dll" in the FSX root but have read elsewhere the following:

    1) this 'fix' only fixes menu and right clicking crashes, and

    2) for Windows 8 users it is believed to be incompatible.

    Could someone comment on a possible way forward to a solution? Thanks.


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    Look in your event log under control panel>administrative tools>event viewer and select custom view. Surf through the application errors that fall under fsx.exe and let us know what your faultig module is.

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    I've just had the "freeze" again running FSX. I have done as suggested but in the event viewer there are only 2 events. Both refer to an Event 410, Kernel-PnP - (Device SCSI\---) and occurred some time ago. Nothing seems to have just happened a few minutes ago. Also, I do not see how to select "custom view". I do though see things like "Create Custom View" and "Import custom View". What am I missing with all this?

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