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Thread: Manual for FSX erco ercoupe 415C

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    Default Manual for FSX erco ercoupe 415C

    I just purchased the Pilot Shop FSX Ercoupe 415C but I have not been able to find the manual for it. I have the reference data but that and the procedures are about all. Hope someone can tell me where to look for it.


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    Are you talking about the real world manual or just a manual for the sim plane that explains what button does what and what keystrokes do that?

    According to Ercocoupe Info (

    "The 415-C was not delivered with a POH [manual]. In 1941 there was not such thing needed. At some time later the FAA required a flight manual Erco published an informational letter, providing the essential information."

    If you go to the above link, there are a couple pdfs that have an Instruction Manual, an FAA approved manual, and an Enhanced Factory Manual.

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    The FlySimware Ercoupe does not include a manual or POH. The freeware Ercoupe from Classic Wings however, does.

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