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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if somebody has actually defined what makes up FS9.5? I know FS2K4 with the update takes you to 9.1 but then what addons take you to 9.5? I realize this is all subjective, but I was just wondering. I mean I have Rex and Active Sky Evolution and a whole host of scenery addons including all of the stuff from fsGenesis and I have really great performance, but do I have 9.5?


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    I could be wrong, but personally I interpret 'FS 9.5' as precisely what you have; FS 9.1, with add ons that enhance the FS environment without sacrificing performance. Each variation is slightly different, depending on the particular User's personal tastes and desires.

    I bet others will chime in with their take on the subject...

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    Ultimate Terrain

    Replacement ground textures from GE Pro or others.

    Replacement water textures

    WOAI or other AI Traffic


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    I think this is in response to a post in the screenshot forum where a view was shown with 9.5 in view. It was explained later that the 9.5 was a modification of the default MSFS display. On that basis 9.5 is whatever you think it to be.

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    9.5 is close to 10.0
    In other words, tweaked, changed, improved, upon any recognition. Not FUBAR, but TUBAR.. :-)

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    Yes it's more of a state of mind, arrived at when you realise:
    This 10-year-old sim really doesn't look anything like what came out of the box in 1993!
    You can roll your own, but mine is based largely around better textures:
    GE Pro/Active Sky/Zinertek Water
    HD Clouds form Pablo Diaz
    Grass from ORBX
    SweetFX tuned to taste.

    From there, every quality addon, has a solid base to further increment the experience.
    Some have even been known to edge toward FS9.5.1!
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