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Thread: Denver scenery

  1. Default Denver scenery

    Anyone else have this problem?
    When I fly around Denver, I get these large white rectangles floating in air, sort of like Denver is full of huge drive-in movie screens. I have not seen this anywhere else.
    I have a 2.1GHz Athlon with 512MB RAM and a 64MB Nvidia GEForce4 Ti4200 video card. (so it's not for lack of computing power).
    Is there a fix for this?

  2. Default RE: Denver scenery

    Hi Traci,
    I have gotten them on rare occasions around Denver and other places too. I thought they are clouds that don't form completely. I have the same amount of ram, and same video card as you. Try turning off all clouds when it happens, and see what happens. Even with 512 of ram, I have come close to running dry when doing something else in another window. You could also manually change your weather when this happens, which will cause FS2 to reload textures, etc. See if they go away then. Another thing to do is pause FS2 and wait a few seconds to half minute and see if they materialize into clouds. It really only seems to happen to me if I leave FS and open another window to do other tasks, and when I come back to FS2 I'll get one, maybe two.


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