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    Question Traffic in P3D

    Hi -

    I'm looking to find out how P3D handles AI traffic. Specifically, in what format does the simulator tell the graphics processor how to display what pixels. In a nutshell, we are attempting to create a rudimentary TCAS system, and while we might be over our heads, I thought I'd try here first.

    Does anyone have any experience working with AI traffic? SDK developers?

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!

    - Colin

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    This was answered already in your other forum's thread, but P3D v1.4 uses the exact same AI system as FSX at this time. Whether v2.x will maintain the same system is an open question.

    You can install the updated TrafficRadar.dll and register it with the dll.xml file, then use the XML script system to read the AI data and create your customized TCAS display.
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    I've been running the old ILH_TCAS gauges from FS 2002 in both FSX and P3D without issue.
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