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Thread: Fsx scenery cfg error

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    Default Fsx scenery cfg error

    Fsx was working fine yesterday but now when I go to start it up it now shows scenery.cfg file error remote scenery directory () in scenery not found.

    The message doesn't tell me where the error is, so how do I fix this problem. And once I click continue the fatal error message shows up bad closes fsx.

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    Íf you haven no addon scenery do a repair. If you have addon scenery you might try Scenery Config Editor: this tool checks your scenery config and shows you where the errors are. Handy little tool to keep track of addon scenery.

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    Thanks was afraid I might have to reinstall fsx and the tons of add on I have.

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    Nice tool, I have used the old hit or miss method before, this should simplify things. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Now just to figure out why my fsx is crashing on startup

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    The Scenery Configuration Editor (SCE) that Harro mentions above is simply THE tool to have if you add scenery to FSX. It is the Swiss Army Knife of FSX. Using FSX's default way of adding scenery I could get to 1101 scenery areas, then I hit a wall and all sorts of errors appeared when I tried to add more. With SCE I'm up to over 1800 areas and adding. In addition, errors are easy to spot and fix, where it would have been a nightmare before.

    Highly - really highly - recommended. And it's FREE.


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