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Thread: Boeing 787-8 Sound Packages?

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    Default Boeing 787-8 Sound Packages?

    Hey all,

    Are there are any good FREE Dreamliner sound files out there? I can't seem to find any to go along with my TDS 787-8 in United Airlines livery. If you know of one, or one that sounds very similar, please let me know. I was thinking about maybe just using a good 777, would this work?



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    A search in the FS2004 Sound library here for "Rolls Royce Trent" is about as close as you'll get at the moment.
    The Dreamliner -1000 engine will be a little quieter than what's current, perhaps.

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    In my FSX version I'm using the 757 Rolls Royce sound package. Exceptional sound quality!
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    Alright thanks guys!

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