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Thread: Windows 8.1 Problems Running FSX

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    I have installed the release of Windows 8.1 Pro with Media center and reloaded all of my apps as instructed when installing the new release over the 8.1 Preview. Before installing FSX, I was so enthused because everything I had noticed in the preview about "glitches" here and there had been solved and all worked perfectly. So, I installed FSX and FSX Accelerator and actually flew the Cessna 172, but was having problems with audio on the flight control communications. Then I got the message that something had caused FSX to stop working and Microsoft would let me know when a solution was found. I have tried to restart FSX numerous times and as soon as the flight setup is complete and one hits "Fly Now", the Microsoft message appears that it has stopped working and I will be notified when a solution in found.

    Does anyone else have success with FSX on Windows 8.1 (not the preview) or a similar failure?

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    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has upgraded 8.0 to 8.1 now it has been released. It didn't fix problems with displaying land class in FS9.

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    I ran the upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1.. and have run into some issues per this thread

    Automation, possible simconnect issues..

    all revolving around (i think) the fact that 8.1 does an in place upgrade, NOT an update.. hence windows becomes windows.old and things are migrated over.. most things.. but not all things.. hence i think parts of fsx will break and need reinstalled..

    my experience in the short time so far...
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    I managed to upgrade my windows 8 to windows 8.1 (Enterprise version)
    My FSX seems to be working like it did on windows 8.
    On the other hand, when I tired to install a fresh copy of windows 8.1 on a different hard drive, I couldn't run Prepar3d. Keep getting crashed all the time. I will try installing a fresh FSX on that other drive and see what's come up

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    yeah I have the same problem , I had problems with my nvidia drivers when it installed 8.1 so had to reinstall them. Natuarally I presumed something in fsx had been corrupted so re-installed fsx and all my scenery however it still throws out to a ctd. having looked at the M.S. site 10 people there say 8.1 is compatible with fsx whereas 90 say it isnt. I have spoken to saitek and they say they are trying to make joystick drivers as we spoke as they are different from win 8 maybe it is worth trying to fly using a mouse and no joystick to see if this is where the problem arises

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    Performed a full, clean re-installation to Win8.1 x64 a few weeks ago (on the pre-released RTM version, not the trial preview).

    FSX (*and X-Plane, for that matter) performs just as well, if not better than if I was on Windows 7. No driver issues, no real technical issues at all. No joystick disconnections, either. I did run into an issue with FSUIPC crashing FSX under 8.1, but a new updated release of FSUIPC from Pete quickly quashed that issue and I have had no problems since.

    Win8.1 seems to work just fine - better than Win7 from a speed and smoothness perspective, no compatibility issues thusfar, and smooth sailing for me.

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    Any recent windows 8.1/FSX install troubles? Should I install brand new FSX gold/acceleration on brand new Lenovo K450 running 8.1?

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    OK, had a couple of days off so decided to do some checks on that. Got a separate hard drive, fresh windows 8.1 RTM, Enterprise x64 installation. Then installed FSX and right after it the Acceleration pack. No planes besides the basic planes. working with DX9 keep getting crash on me. couldn't make it to run with or without the UIAutomationCore.dll repair. switched to DX10 and it is working.
    I have noticed that new ATI drivers (Latest beta 13.11V8) and it's predecessors do not support DX9. Version 13.4 (Former ATI release drivers won't do good on 8.1.
    Currently installed Steve's DX10 fix (Shaders V3.2.2) and it seems to work reasonably. Still issues with Anti-aliasing with DX10 Preview but beside of that it's good to go as daily driver.

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    I think there are some problems with DX9 on windows 8.1.
    I moved to DX10 and so far it's all well.
    I will try to update DX9 later on next week and see if DX9 is working on FSX. foot note, it seems ATI drivers starting 13.6 and onward has some major problems with backward support with DX9 games.

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    Had problems with OOM crashes...a problem I thought I had fixed. When you upgrade from Windows 8, the IncreaseUserVA setting does not carry over and needs to be reset. Then a reboot later, I was fine....

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