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    Does anyone know how to make ADF Selectors in FS2002 use decimals with a three digit display? In FS 98 one could tap the number of keyboard strokes to get the decimals even though they could not be displayed on the panel, ie when choosing AAA on the keyboard to change the third digit, one actually had to press the + or - key ten times to change from say 391 to 392 or 390 because it was going through all the decimals.
    As far as I know one is limited to NDBs which have zero decimal places unless using a panel which accomodates this.

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    The ADF of i.e. the Baron 58 has got "decimals". But if you want to have "the halfs" with three digits receivers too make sure that you have the latest FSUIPC.dll ( installed. With FS not running edit the fsuipc.ini and make sure that you got the following line in the "General" section:


    Now every three digits ADF will autotune to frequencies which use decimals too.



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