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Thread: Article: TDS Releases Boeing 787 For FS2004/FSX

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    Loving the Aircraft been waiting alooooong time for this worth the wait guys

    just need the paint kit now to add it for my Virtual Airline

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    I am so thankful for this project. The Dreamliner is my favorite Aircraft and to fly it around and make ordinary Routes such as real routes makes it even more fun. Really really good model and all the animations are there! 6 stars from 5 stars haha

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    It's super! And for those who want a VC: You can easily alias another plane's VC to the FSX model(because it's a native FSX model). I've done that just a minute ago and I'm really happy. Just follow a simple recipe like this. You've to move a bit back into the model to see the VC. I changed the eyepoint into: eyepoint = 54.000, -1.759, 7.6. Don't know if that's the same for all VC's.

    For sound: just alias the sound to another plane's sound.

    Thanks Hiroshi& friends. Long live TDS(or any other name for POSKY incarnations).
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    We just realized that for the FSX users, we forgot to include the FSX specific FDE. Please visit our Facebook group page for the link, we haven't uploaded it to yet.

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    Very,very nice.Thanks.

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    Great work guys, keep it up...

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    Excellent! All I need now is a good panel and an Avianca repaint

    Thank you very much

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    Fanstatic looking plane, I love it in 100% and more
    Please make LOT POLISH AIRLINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Getting a good D/L but cannot get panel to display. Background BMP only, no gauges. I see the A/C requires a B777 panel, but FSX doesn't have a default 777. Is anyone aware of an existing 777 addon panel that includes the FS9(?) default gauges?


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