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    To fly the ILS approach lesson 1 says to use 1600 RPM and 10 deg of flaps to get a descent rate of 500ft/min at 90Kts in the C172. I find it takes about 2100 RPM, which seems a long way from 1600 RPM. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Use whatever works for your plane to get the proper descent, the numbers are only a guide

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    Trim the nose of your plane down.

    This will increase your airspeed allowing you to reduce power.

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    I'm not sure where the 1600 rpm number came from - I believe this lession is incorrect. I had never thought about this - always set power according to need but sure enough they say 1600 rpm. I too used ~ 2100 rpm for the lesson. Just to check things I shot the ILS approach to 12R at KSAT - pretty much the same thing (maybe 1950 - 2000 rpm once I was trimed out for descent but since I settled in nicely at ~ 87 knots IAS and decided to keep it there that might have made the difference) - could have been the real world weather and the thunderstorm in the area affecting things. I did have a nasty updraft about two miles out that forced me to cut the power and nose over for a bit to regain the glide slope - noticed that at zero throttle the engine was running at about 1500 rpm. Makes little sense that you would be able to fly using only 1600 rpm the entire way.

    I must say I'm a bit surprised since the lessons in FSX are usully pretty well done. Since I did all of the things available for GA flying in RW I never paid any attention to the things in FSX. I could see a nice 80 knot approach (one notch of flaps) at ~ 1900 rpm but cannot imagine flying this approach at what seems to be a power off / essentially dead stick landing.
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    Has anybody tried this lesson in FS9? I know there are issues with the VOR tutorial because it was just copied into FSX but a few things had changed. Like the location of the DME panel, and what it displays. It wouldn't surprise me if 1500 rpm works fine in the FS9 version of the tutorial.

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    that lesson seems to be wrong, so i had a look for you

    this might help.

    go to the fsx. ''learning center''

    then go to. ''index''

    go down to. ''C''

    there you will see. ''Cessna skyhawk model 172''

    below that you will see. '' flying''

    in there he tells you about flying the 172.

    he says, set power to 2100 rpm for decent rate

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    Thanks all, sincerely appreciate your helpful inputs.

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