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Thread: SkySpirit 777-300 Climbs Like a Rocket

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    I recently downloaded the updated SkySpirit2012 777-300ER and merged it with the PSS panel, but she climbs like a rocket (4000 - 5000 fpm) So I was wondering how I can reduce this? I was thinking lowering the thrust scalar in the [jetengine] section of the cfg?

    EDIT: Worthy of saying, it usually climbs about 4000 - 500 fpm to 10000 feet, then it begins to become more normal (about 12000+ feet its about 1500 - 2500 fpm)
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    Believe it or not but B747s flying from London Heathrow to Cardiff for maintenance can climb easily at 5,000 fpm. Of course, they will have little fuel and no pax or cargo on board.

    On the other hand, I live 20 miles from Heathrow [I'm about a quarter of a mile from the Woodley WOD beacon if anyone wants to know] and it's not unusual to see 777s en route to the USA and Canada at around about 10,000 feet as they pass over my house. I use the FlightRadar24 website to track them.


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    I recentley flew in a lightly loaded Emirates 777 300ER (only 60 pax), from Dubia to Birmingham, Flight crew warned us that we were in for a steep climb out. From standing start to 30,000 feet it took 6 minutes, so the performance you describe is more than feasible....!!!

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