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Thread: Is there an "FS Camera" equivalent for FSX?

  1. Default Is there an "FS Camera" equivalent for FSX?

    "FS Camera" works great in FS2004, but in FSX I cannot get multiple camera views within virtual cockpits, and also outside the aircraft. Multiple camera views in FSX..... Is there a way? Please help? Thank you very much.....

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    By default pressing the "A" key cycles the different views (cameras) available within each view category. Not all aircraft have multiple views in every category. If I remember right, "B" or joystick button "2" cycles the different categories. The Cessna 172 has different views in each category.
    Jim F.

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    You can also create your own camera views. The SDK that comes with the Deluxe edition of FSX has details.

    Larry N.

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    You might be interested in this related discussion from today - and The Bean's instructions on how to hot key certain camera views.
    Dan /
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    You want multiple camera views displayed at the same time, right? While flying, click on Views in the menu bar at the top of the screen, then New View, then whichever other options you want. If you're in full screen mode and don't have a menu bar, just hit the Alt key.

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    Thank you BobK for your help. No, I don't want simultaneous camera views. I want to cycle through each camera view in FSX, hopefully including the internal cockpit view of a virtual cockpit. I tend to only download FSX aircraft that have virtual cockpits, ( because I like virtual cockpit aircraft ). In FSX most of the aircraft don't offer virtual cockpits, but I still need a few camera views to go with the exterior of the aircraft, as well as one for the interior, ( the virtual cockpit ). That's what I'm trying to achieve. I still use FS2004 most of the time, because I have that ability in FS9, but not in FSX, ( until I learn how ). I need more help. Thanks....

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    Thank you FlyingHorseSinbad..... I'll read up on it, and try it out. Not sure I'll understand everything, though. I will probably need some further guidance.... Thanks...

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    Thanks Inuss.... I'm not as technically savvy, perhaps, as you are. "SDK"? I'll check it out, and try to make sense of it all. I may need further assistance, and directions. Just guessing that I will. Thank you....

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    Thanks JandJFrench..... I will toggle through the views using the "A" key. I would rather reassign that function, however, to some other button on my joystick. But, that's a minor point. Hopefully, I can achieve the major result I'm looking for, regarding a set up of various camera views, ( including an internal view for my virtual cockpits ).....I'm sure I'll probably need more help..... Thanks

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    Hi aviation,

    I've also re-assigned the "change view" function to a joystick button which freed up the "A" key for other uses.
    Here's something else you might find useful: The joystick trigger is, by default, assigned to "Brakes" and this seems like a poor assignment for something that is used so infrequently. As such I have assigned "Look forward (3-D cockpit)" to button 1. Now regardless of which view I'm currently in or which way I'm looking in a view when I pull the trigger I"m instantly returned to the VC looking directly forward.
    I recommend checking out the various views in the default Cessna 172 and then checking out the various "Cameras" in the 172's Aircraft.cfg file to get a feel of how the different views work. The "Cameras" can then be copied to a similar aircraft with minimal editing required. One important thing to keep in mind is the different VC cameras are referenced to the "Eyepoint', so if this is ever edited all the VC "cameras" will move similarly.
    Jim F.

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