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Thread: Increase length of a runway

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    Smile Increase length of a runway

    Need some help to how can I increase the size of a runway like Congonhas (São Paulo) or Viracopos (São Paulo) so I can use bigger planes such as B777 and B747. Where can I find the tutorial for this addition scenery to increase the length of a runway. I´m using the FS2004.

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    Airport Design Editor is frequently recommended on this forum to do these sort of changes. It is a free product and quite easy to use. And yes, I do have it and have used it to change runways and many many other similar things.

    Steve from Mudgee.

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    ADE as Steve suggested is powerful and much more compatible with add-on airports in may cases than AFCAD which has limits that could corrupt some scenery files by stripping data.

    Congonhas has only about a 6,365 foot runway, is at about 2,600 foot elevation, and the temperature is hot down there. I don't think reducing the payload (passengers/fuel) would allow either aircraft to depart there with realistic minimal load.

    Viracopos is at about 2,200 feet elevation and has a 10,500 foot runway. If you restrict the passengers and fuel load and take-off in the cooler parts of the day you might get off in a B747-400. Here is the standard temperature sea level runway requires for the B747-400 as listed:

    10,500 feet maximum take-off weight.

    Here is the reference table for the B777:

    The -200 only requires 8,000 feet at sea level standard temperature and the -300 requires 10,600. See the table for the other variants. For the -200 some restrictions to make up for the heat and altitude and more for the -300 might get you off there. Standard temperature is 20oC or 68oF and standard pressure is 29.92 inches referenced to sea level, so your performance will be reduced by the higher surface altitude and tropical temperatures. states that in the past a B767-200 was scheduled. Currently B737-800s are among airliners there.

    Now, about modifying the runways. First you should insure the terrain allows extension. For Veracopos it would be reasonable to add a few hundred feet at the beginning of Runway 14. It looks like there is a overrun and/or displaced threshold there looking at the satellite image of SBKP on Google Maps. You'll have to move the taxiway arrangement for that end and any ILS glide slope antenna if present. Just a little easment and stream crossing fill in the "Esplanad" at that end to get another 1,000 feet or so. The other end is close to a highway and can't be moved very much.

    No room for stretching the 6,000 foot runway at SBSP. The B767-200:
    with restrictions of loading fuel and passengers can get out of there. At sea level and standard temperature and pressure it requires 5,800 feet at max. take-off weight.
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