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Thread: FSX fatal error

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    If you uninstalled FSX then you will have to apply any and all updates.
    Gary M Buska
    ASUS PZ68 PRO Gen 3 12 gigs ram (1800mhz) GTX550TI video card I7 INTEL QUAD CORE processor Windows 8 64 bit.

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    Put this file in the root of FSX

    It works, trust me, I also had this problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by lfdavis View Post
    If you're running 64bit Windows, this is a summary of what happened to me.

    I recently built a new computer with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit, and installed FSX on my G drive (SATA). It ran with no problems.

    After adding 4gb of RAM to the 4gb I already had on the machine, and realizing that only 2.75gb would ever be usable, I decided to installed Win7 64 bit. The install went well even though I had to reinstall most the apps, and then I tried simming with FSX. Bang -- Fatal Error! I tried all the fixes I found on the internet (which including downloading 32 bit .dll's) as well as reinstalling FSX on the G drive. No joy. I finally unstalled from the G drive, and reinstalled on the default option C: drive in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder (from where 32 bit applications are run). Everything has run smooth since then.
    You may run into problems by installing to the default location.
    Windows 7 protects the files that are in the Program Files (x86) section and you might have issues with some third party software.
    I installed both FSX and FS9 onto my D drive and it is a SATA drive.
    Gary M Buska
    ASUS PZ68 PRO Gen 3 12 gigs ram (1800mhz) GTX550TI video card I7 INTEL QUAD CORE processor Windows 8 64 bit.

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