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Thread: FSX keeps randomly shutting down?

  1. Default FSX keeps randomly shutting down?

    Hi People, hope i have posted this in the right spot..

    FSX keeps randomly shutting down on me, sometimes after 30 seconds, sometimes after 3 mins but no longer than that.. I am running FSX with the acceleration pack. When it shuts down it is still running in the background, as when i click on the icon on the bottom of the screen it brings me back to where i left of just paused, i unpause the it kicks me out a short while after. my system details are as follows:

    Windows 7
    core I7-3770K 3.5ghz
    16g ram
    64 bit
    2tb hard drive
    32inch sonic HD lcd TV
    AMD radeon HD 7800 series, 2048Mb memory

    It has worked on this computer with a smaller TV, but that broke so i got the bigger one. I run some other games on it, need for speed, battlefield 3 with no problems.

    Please help.. Cheers

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    WOW! Mine shuts down occasionally but I think it might have something to do with the REX weather engine. Sometimes it's well into a flight, like 30 minutes or more. Hate to lose all those miles. Someone suggested leaving it alone for about 10 minutes and it'll start working again. I gave that a try and sure enough, it works most of the time. If that would work for you, perhaps that first freeze would be the only one and you could live with it.

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    Applied Himem fix?

    Other FSX.cfg mods?

    Power Supply?

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    I've had FSX-instability when flying on Vatsim, on Ivao no probs. Occasionally it will not start up, restarting solves the problem. More or less the same PC-configuration. FSGlobal 2008 also created instability, after a complete reinstall of FSX without FSGlobal the instability dissapeared. Actually, I don't even notice that much difference without it, compared with FS9 where the difference was stunning after installing FSGobal. Abacus software, eg Flightdeck5, creates systemcrash now and then , both on FSX as well as on FS9 asspecially when you use other aircraft then the FD5-loaded ones,also when you use flightplanner with a FD5-carrier as starting point.
    Live and learn it is, I guess.


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    thanks for the help, the problem seemed to go away last night. i set the resolution in the game to the same as windows, hope that was the issue.. anyway cheers.. Harry

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    I SPOKE TOO SOON!!!! Worked well last night, but tonight its back to its old tricks.. Same .... .. HELLLLLPPP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryholden05 View Post
    I SPOKE TOO SOON!!!! Worked well last night, but tonight its back to its old tricks.. Same ... .. HELLLLLPPP
    Then answer the question. You have provided about 1/5th of the information needed for a troubleshoot. Exclamation marks are no substitute for information.
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    A friend of mine had a problem with a wireless keyboard that caused this on his system, he replaced it and had no other problems.

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    If I understand you, it's not shutting FSX down so much as pausing it and minimizing its window, is that correct?

    Do you have any other processes running? I had a similar problem that I tracked down to my antivirus.

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    Malcott: No idea what a Himem fix is, there are no other mods except installing FSX standard and acceleration pack, no idea what you mean by power supply? Power comes from the wall.. its a new CM Storm pc from Harvey Norman.. It runs Need for speed and battlefield3 no worries, just have dramas with FSX.

    Hignlander: thanks mate, replaced my wireless keyboard last week, but for other reasons.

    Bobk: Thats it exactly Bob, i have trend micro installed, might try closing that and any other background programs..

    Thanks again

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