I have recently purchased the the Saitek flight yoke and throttle quadrant and installed them on windows 7 64bit for ms flight simulator 2004.

Up to now the the yoke and quadrant appear to be working fine and I have managed to programme all of the buttons in all 3 modes using the SST software. I'm very pleased with my purchase, so far.

However. when I try to programme a forth shift state (mode 4), using button C1 to enter this state, it doesn't work. Operating the C1 button does nothing and the other buttons don't behave as programmed for mode 4. All of the buttons behave just as they are programmed in mode 1, mode 2 or mode 3. The SST software allows me to set up a mode 4 as described in the manual, but the assigned button (in my case C1) doesn't seem to select the extra shift state.

Also, when I programme the hat switch to act as 4 programmed buttons, this doesn't work. The SST software allows me to set up the hat buttons, in say mode 3, but in flight simulator 2004 the hat only works as a normal hat, irrespective of what mode I select. Selecting mode 3 in this case the hat just behaves as a hat, not as the SST programme configuration.

Has anybody seen a similar problem or know of a solution.