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Thread: Tweaked out of my tree

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    Unhappy Tweaked out of my tree

    Ok, so we have Bojote's tweaks, Kostas' tweaks, nvidia inspector tweaks, Extreme Booster's tweaks, Rex's tweaks and FSUIPC. Will someone 'splain to me, which if these actually work together or does one choose one of them, do the tweaks and then leave the rest in the dirt? I'm kerflatched about it. Not to mention my joystick refuses to be calibrated to keep from pulling everything hard left. Wearing out my wrist trying to keep it on the lines. And, have a nice day!
    Brian W.

    Quad Core Asus board, 3.3 gz EVGA GTX 550.ti, 8 gigs ram, 500g Samsung SSD, 1.5 T HDD, 1 T HDD, Win 10, 64bit.

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    Stick to one guide and use all the recomendations. I followed Kosta and got all the bugs out. Went over every tweak and made sure I matched it to my machine as some settings will vary with your machine.

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    Try 1! Kostas' tweaks, if I read through them all the way, include NVidia teaks and so on. What type of aircraft are you flying that pull hard left? If it's a prop driven fighter plane you betcha it's gonna pull left from the torque.
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    Like you, I've tried several over the years. Kosta's not only seemed to do the best with the least, but was simple to follow for an old codger such as I.

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    I'd suggest Kosta's tweaks including Nvidia inspector settings. Bojote's is more suited for lower end systems. Take some time for it. Try out inbetween tweaking to see if it has the desired effect. If you do take your time and get your setup working for you you'll enjoy and appreciate your FSX all the better


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    Plus if you have any questions.....leave a post on his blog. We should call him Dr. Kosta. Phd in

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    Quote Originally Posted by svpst View Post
    Will someone 'splain to me, which if these actually work together or does one choose one of them, do the tweaks and then leave the rest in the dirt?
    There is no such answer. You probably don't need any of them anyway. For my money:

    - Go back to a virgin cfg file.
    - Go into nVidia CP and set AA to application-controlled, Transparency AA to off. (For now.)
    - Run FSX and set weather theme to clear skies. (For now.)
    - Set frame cap to 30. If you are running a 2Mp display or less start with 40. (For now.)
    - Adjust your sliders to sensible settings. 'Sensible' depends on what you fly and where, what resolution, what CPU, etc, etc.
    - If you can't get it to work well reduce your frame cap and keep trying until you get smooth performance.
    - When it's working well add weather and select compromises in your slider settings and frame cap until you get it smooth again.
    - If you use REX and weather drags you down too much, make sure you select 1024 or 512 cloud textures.
    - When you've done all that, go back to nVidia CP and add in Transparency AA 2x Supersampling.
    - If that works well, switch AA back to Override application/8x Multisampling.
    - If that works well, you can try increasing Transparency AA to 4x Supersampling.
    - Somewhere about now you can stop and just fly, or you can keep tweaking the AA and Transparency AA if you're fussy. If you are fussy you will need nVidia Inspector to access more sophisticated AA and TA settings. (Trying the Sparse Grid Supersampling TA settings may reduce shimmer on autogen.)

    Don't bother with any of those miracle tweaks unless you have a problem to solve and you are using a tweak that is known to mitigate that problem.

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    Well i have been simming since fs98 but these tweaks have come along from time to time and i think i have at some point in time have used them all but recently i have been having major issues and became curious about how these things all interacted together or whether they did or not. All of the tweaks of one don't necessarily change some of the tweaks of the other so i thought i would try to clarify in my mind what was happening. The issue with my joystick calibration (Logitech Extreme 3d pro) came up about 2 weeks ago when i was messing with the FSUIPC settings, which i obviously don't understand. So I just thought I'd ask the pros about it. All of my planes pull hard left as soon as i release the brakes. I do know to expect it on single engine but its also happening with my jets. I fly all kinds, depending how i feel at the time from single to bus jets to the big guys. So I will choose one of the "tweakers" and go with that for a while to see what hoppens and fight my joystick. Just frustrating sometimes is all and i thank each of you for your assistance. Budreiser you call yourself an old codger, don't know if I'm old enough to be a "codger" yes but will be 70 in June. Still loving to fly after all these years. Was 2 when my father was killed while learning to fly a single engine in Detroit in 1945. Have a great day and thanks again.
    Brian W.

    Quad Core Asus board, 3.3 gz EVGA GTX 550.ti, 8 gigs ram, 500g Samsung SSD, 1.5 T HDD, 1 T HDD, Win 10, 64bit.

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    As Mark advises go back to a standard FSX .cfg.

    Add Himem fix

    Go fly.

    Most of the tweaks actually do little or nothing. or are system- or setup-specific.

    Use the ones that do to fix any problems that you detect in your individual setup. Come here for advice first.

    Never use these modifications `blind`. Most are, as we used to say on this forum SNAKE OIL. Some can actually damage your hardware. Most will simply cause problems rather than solve them.

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    Back at you Brian W. This July I'll be 78 and have been flight simming since the sub logic days.

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