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Thread: Help with Windows 8 please

  1. Default Help with Windows 8 please

    Hi guys,

    Just got a new laptop with windows 8, I know nothing about it but the could not avoid getting windows 8

    I installed FS9 along with the fs9 update, after loading it up i notice the aircraft preview box is black.. Rather annoying as i like to see what aircraft i'm selecting.

    Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it at all?

    Thank you.

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    Try right-clicking on the shortcut or the FS9.exe and select properties. Disable visual themes, Disable Desktop composition, Run as Administrator.

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    I am using windows 8 64 bit and did not have any problems at all.
    I have both FS9 and FSX
    You may have a issue if you installed FS9 using the default location.
    If you only have one hard drive than it is advised that you install fs9 at a different location such as a folder called Microsoft games and do NOT put this folder in the programs file.
    The best way is to install on a separate hard drive you get the best results this way.
    In your case you would have to use an external hard drive
    But you will have to run it using administrator mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garybuska View Post
    You may have a issue if you installed FS9 using the default location.
    If you only have one hard drive than it is advised that you install fs9 at a different location such as a folder called Microsoft games and do NOT put this folder in the programs file.
    garybuska is absolutely right, make sure you installed FS9 outside of the Program Files folder. The Program Files folder is 'locked-down' in Windows 8 and causes an enormous amount of problems with FS9, FSX and P3D. Also make sure to "Run as Administrator" either by using the Compatibility Tab in the file properties of fs9.exe or by right-clicking and choosing "Run As Administrator" from the context menu.

    Quote Originally Posted by garybuska View Post
    In your case you would have to use an external hard drive
    For the love of Pete, NO! The only type of external hard drive you should install FSX to would have to connect via an eSATA port, never USB or Firewire.

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    I need help BIG TIME. After years of using FS9 on Windows XP, My computer Died....So I bought this new computer with 64 bit Windows 8. I installed my good old trusty FS9 and ended up the the Black aircraft screen, which I found out was a common thing with FS9/Win 8.
    My FS9 installed itself the Program x86. I installed all of my aircraft and scenery by copying files from my old computer to this on in their proper places I also recopied the gauges folders and even the FS9 Scenery config. I went to fire up the Sim and it would do a normal start,
    and then flip right into windows.....would not load up in any way...I uninstalled it all, making sure that everything was taken out and gone.
    now As I tried to reinstall it I cannot even get the install screen. The when I click on the setup icon it does not load up...I get the desktop.
    This windows 8 is a nightmare and I had no all the new computers have it now.

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    As suggested above, try installing FS2004 to a location outside of the default Microsoft Games directory, such as C:\FS2004 or C:\FS9 which may solve the problems.

    As you're having problems I suggest trying to see if the default installation runs before adding back all your extras.


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    I don't wish to sound flippant because that is not what I intend, but why not install Windows 7? That way you needn't keep banging your head against the Windows 8 brick wall and you would get your simming life back as well.


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    I also get the black preview box, but I ignore it. If you go back to Windows 7, there will be no more support for it from Microsoft after Jan. 2015, and your computer will be at risk.


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    I recently had a virus make by desktop (windows 7) unusable by bombarding it with pop ups to the extent of making it useless. I had to reset it to factory and erase my flight simulators. They had worked well before the reset.
    Now.. I have the factory windows 7 , installed by Microsoft flight 2004 and it refused to work. Not even a blink. I tried a lot of things and installed windows 8.1 ... still nothing with the flight simulator 2004. I tried putting it in another directory... I reinstalled it several times and still nothing.
    I started doing google searches and read all the threads in ... which gave me lots of ideas .. but still nothing. Then I found a link for a "no-disk" file for flight simulator 2004. This allows you to use the simulator without a disk in your computer. I didn't need the file, I didn't really want the file because this wasn't my problem, but I downloaded it and replaced the fs2004.exe file. I worked!!! I booted the flight simulator and up came the into screen. I was impressed. I did keep my simulator files in the "C:/" directory (name it Flight simulator or something). Try it....Hope it works for you!!!!!!

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    To mejjo1989:

    Search the forums - there is plenty of info out there, covering all sorts of problems encounterd, on how to get fs (both 2004 and FSX) running. Some of the more simple ones (other than already highlighted by others in this thread) include changing windowed mode (ie swap between full and windowed screen), enabling DX10 preview etc.

    To captainmorse:

    The problem related to you not now being able to run the setup program may be related to a recent Win update that effectively kills CD DRM support - see the following thread to check if this is the case - posts #9 and 18 are pertinate but the whole thread has valuable info including info on the workaround mentioned by 727merlot!

    To Shanwick:

    I, too, don't wish to sound flippant (and apologies in advance if my comment upsets you) but whilst installing Win7 (or even XP as another member keeps reminding anybody who has encountered a problem with Win7/8/10) is a solution, it is really only feasible if the person has a copy or is willing to part with cash if they don't. IMHO such suggestions are simplistic and really doesn't help in resolving the issue, more so, when a search of the forum threads show that it is possible to run FS2004 and FSX on Win 8/10. As Art (aka propjob) stated support for Win 7 ended in Jan 2015 but Microsoft will continue to fix security related issues until extended support ends in January 2020 - there just won't be any further updates to non-security related issues. As for XP - support is totally finished.
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