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  1. Question overspeed warning

    Is it possible to disable the overspeed warning?

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    Well, for the default Boeing 737, I changed max_mach and max_indicated_speed in the aircraft.cfg file to absurdly high values, then went into a dive from 40000 feet, reaching over 600 knots with no overspeed warning. Whether that's a good idea is another matter. It's certainly not realistic. You might also consider the gear and flap damaging speeds. All depending on your realsim settings.

    Steve from Mudgee

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    Quote Originally Posted by jollyroger10 View Post
    Is it possible to disable the overspeed warning?
    Yes!!! Fly using the correct airspeed. I find this to be a most satisfactory method of shutting up the Dalek.
    Cheers Andy

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    HW is right ! Don't confuse the True Air Speed (TAS) values usually listed with the manufacturer's literature with the Indicated Air Speed (IAS) you see in the cockpit. IAS will decrease with altitude.


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    If you get an overspeed warning, you are going too fast. Simple solution: slow down!

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