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Thread: Best Program For Bitmap Editing, Textures and Paint

  1. Default Best Program For Bitmap Editing, Textures and Paint

    Been away from the flight sims for some time. Often paint airplane textures and panels. Make rivets to be added.

    Current sims and please dont laugh. CFS, CFS2, CFS3, FS 94 or 5, FS 2000.

    what is the best program to use for editing (painting) panels and textures. I know the textures most of the time have to be converted and I have the tools for that.

    Considering Paint Shop Pro?


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    I've been using the Gimp for years for image editing. Hard to beat the cost, which is free.

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    Hey GooglEye, I have some Avatar suggestions.... sorry I can't help with editing!

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    I personally use Paint Shop Pro 7, but it really depends on you. Some people swear by Photoshop and if you know how to use it, you can do about anything you want with it. It however comes with a price. Paint Shop Pro can do a lot but again, you need to know how to do it and it also is not very cheap. A free one is GIMP2, which as stated is free. I have used it some and I found it difficult to use but mainly because it is different from what I know more just a difficult program - plus it has a plug in that can open and save DXT and DDS compressed textures straight up.

    So my advice is get something you know and stick with it. The more you use it, the more you will know and the easier repainting and image editing will get!

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    I second Paint Shop Pro. I think it's got everything you'll need for editing textures. I've used it along with DXTbmp for doing liveries.

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    I use Gimp2 for Shading, Colorizing, and Morphing. Works OK with layered Paint kits too.
    PaintDotNet for it's nice scaling jobs, section removal, single click Black and White.
    MSPaint's simplicity, and white=transparent makes it easy to see what I'm doing when overlaying bits an pieces.
    Not too many of my paints, panels, or, gauges, don't get some use from all three. DXTbmp for the conversions...Don
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