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Thread: Realism settings in FSX?

  1. Default Realism settings in FSX?

    What do most people use in the realistic settings in FSX?
    Please bare in mind I want the most realistic settings bit im
    not sure are they realistic?

    Autorudder - On or Off?
    Flight Model? Easy or Hard?
    True Airspeed or Indicated?


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    Autorudder - Off
    Indicated Airspeed
    Automixture - Off

    Flight Model - This would actually depend on the aircraft in use. Some are modeled "Easier" than others.
    Because P-Factor and Torque reaction vary a lot amongst different planes, I generally have them set pretty low...Don
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    Thank you very much Don, i'll bare that in mind!

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    I have found the default planes react too quickly to small control movements if the settings are on Easy. They respond better and are actually easier for me and my grandchildren as 'new pilots' if the realism is set to medium or high.

    A Very Important setting if you have AI is to turn off crash detection for other aircraft, especially FSX. That way airport vehicles won't cause you to crash when they try to drive through your plane. Also, FS doesn't keep close enough track of AI aircraft to avoid crashing your plane accidentally.
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    As to auto rudder,

    If you don't have rudder pedals or don't use a twist grip, then go ahead and use it. It will keeep single engine airplanes tracking straight down the runway. I do use pedals, don't like twist grips, or other means such as keyboard keys, rocker switches, etc. for rudder.

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