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Thread: How to check the wind direction/speed before approaching small strips

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    Default How to check the wind direction/speed before approaching small strips

    When approaching an airfield; larger airfields have ATIS, but small strips, how do you check the wind direction and strength before landing in FSX

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    I don't know if it is the best way but I search on weather pages for airports where you put the ICAO code and gives you weather, visibility, winds, google it

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    The wind socks in FSX work, and most airfields (even the small ones) have at least one.
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    Shift +z will give you the red information at the top of the screen.
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    Good question. In real life we overfly the field at about 1000ft AGL and look down to see where the wind sock/ wind tree is pointing, from there we enter the pattern and land on the active runway. By overflying the field you put yourself in a position to enter the pattern on almost any runway, giving yourself an advantage.

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    Since I'm using AS2012, I simply dial 122.00 on the radio and I get the report from the nearest station.

    I think it is also possible to get the info from the map during the flight.

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    As others have said - RW technique in lieu of available reports is to check the wind sock / wind T / tetrahedron.

    If you are flying with real world weather: You can go to or similar sites, put in your airport code and pull up the sectional. You will see 'pins' in various locations - maybe at the airport you are going to but if not, select some of the surrounding airports for wind speed and direction. Here's a site you can check out if you need some help with reading METARs:
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    Another vote for 122.0 (ActiveSky ATIS), but also looking for the windsock. The windsocks don't always work though. Many Orbx strips have a building with smoke nearby, which is the best guide and quite easy to see.

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