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Thread: FSX Aircraft View from distance - Problem.....

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    Im having a large problem where i can't view my aircraft, AI aircraft and FSRecorder aircraft from a distance.

    An example is, i was taxxing at melbourne (YMML) and the tower view on the other side of the runway, rendered only the lights and nothing else.

    How do i get FSX to load planes from further away. Its hard to make videos with this because i can't get to far away before the plane is gone....

    Running FSX with ActiveSky, ORBX, EZDOK, FSRecorder and addon aircraft on:

    Core i5 3550 @ 3.8ghz
    8gb Ram
    500w PSU
    ATI Radeon 7770 Black Edition

    Please help.

    Many happy Landings,

    Zach Biesse-Fitton

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    Here's a good starting place in this thread fro a while ago.
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    My understanding from asking this elsewhere is that there is a LOD fallback feature built into FSX models, typically with lower-detailed models substituted at greater range for improved performance. For example, I have noticed that the default trike loses its rigging and pilot beyond a certain range, which makes it awkward to use in movies. Some aircraft simply disappear. Apparently all the default aircraft (and presumably AI) have this feature, while many payware models are more sophisticated.

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    That might explain why sometimes a plane completely disappears from view when zoomed far enough out... I could have sworn that somewhere besides the fsx.cfg must have had the "SmallPartRejectRadius" code written. I guess maybe not though... I didn't think it would have been within the model itself.

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    Thanks guys. The small part reject radius did work for me. I found the line under scenery in fsx.cfg . Thanks mrzippy!

    And i think that if its not in your cfg but you still have the issue, put it in your fsx,cfg:

    Start fsx, shut down, and then delete the line. It could work?

    Thanks again.


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