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Thread: China scenery in FSX?

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    Default China scenery in FSX?

    Is there a good China scenery package -- something fairly comprehensive covering multiple, if not many, airports -- that will work well in FSX? Normally the search function has been my friend, but coming up kinda short on this topic. Thought I might just drop in and ask what others are using....


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    Go to and scroll down the China section and you will find links for the following:

    Beijing FIR airports. China Airports 1
    Beijing ZBAA
    Chengdu Shuangliu ZUUU
    China airports 2. 35 airports in the Changdu FIR
    China airports 3. 54 airports in the Shanghai FIR
    China airports 4. 22 airports in the Wuhan FIR
    Chinese airports scenery pack
    Guangzhou, Bayun ZGGG
    Jiuzhai Huanglong ZUJZ
    Kunming ZPPP
    Shanghai, Hongqiao ZSSS
    Shanghai Pudong ZSPD
    Shenzen Bao'an ZGSZ
    Tianjin Binhai Intl. ZBTJ
    Xiamen Gaoqi ZSAM
    Xining, Caojiapu ZLXN
    Shenzen city photo scenery

    It's not much, but it is better than default.

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    Don't forget FTX-Global is coming out this year. It will vastly improve all default areas, including China.
    Head to ORBx's site for previews screenshots.

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