FFG - "Forward From Gmax" is a suite of three program modules which export selected Gmax objects or whole scenes to a maxscript file which can be run in current versions of 3ds Max. The modules were written with mainly Flight Simulator (Microsoft, Prepar3D) developers in mind, but can be used for other applications as well. Polygon, mesh, and spline objects transfer without loss of detail, preserving standard materials, pivots, modifiers, UVW mapping, editable poly and editable mesh. Animations and FSX materials do not transfer well and generally have to be redone manually. With permission granted by the original author, FFG is based on the famous "Back From Five" (BFF) script by Borislav 'Bobo' Petrov (which can be used for porting Max-modified parts back to Gmax for final compilation). Authors: Tom Faulds ("hairyspin") and Manfred Jahn ("mjahn").

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Direct download, also at FSDeveloper:


Picture of a FS9 Gmax model ported to Max 2011. 20K polys were involved; FFG's 4-step process took 15 minutes.