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Thread: Time Zone files FSX

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    Default Time Zone files FSX

    Hi, I down loaded FS REAL TIME which installed a folder on my C drive called "TZfiles04". Where do the contents of this folder go?

    I installed Real Time on my C drive (Windows 7) and not into the program files. It looks like the time zone files need to be moved somewhere but where? Thanks,

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    No they don't need to be moved anywhere. Your scenery.cfg file needs to point to their folder and make it an active scenery layer. Which is automated in the FS Real Time installation.

    However, the Time Zone files are set for the day and month when you installed them. There are active .BGL files for places with DST and inactive files for those same places if it is not DST.

    There is a file included in the folder with the TZfiles04 which is called DSTor STD.exe.

    You need to run that file each month to make sure the time zones around the world are updated to reflect the time usage for the current month.
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    Hi and thank you . I can't seem to get the TZfiles04 to be recognized. I was trying to put it into the "addon scenery" folder but that doesn't seem to work. Right now the folder is just residing on my C:\ thanks bunches

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