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Thread: Ai aircraft landing problem

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    Hi friends,
    I am having a problem with all my installed AI traffic aircrafts, except those from FSX default traffic.
    I have all the AI packages from World of AI, then recently I got Just flight's TRAFFIC X and I also have started to design my own custom AI traffic through AI flight planner.
    Of lately I realised that the landing of my AI aircrafts is not proper, they land right at the start of the Runway tip, and stop very quickly. If you see their landing from a distance it will appear as if they are landing like a helicopter (they do land horizontally but, their landing does not appear realistic) I want them to land like FSX default 737-800 aircraft.Or if possible, I want all my AI aircrafts including FSX default AI traffic aircrafts to use atleast half the runway after landing.
    Also all my AI aircraft as well as user aircraft bounce on the surface even when they are parked or stationery (with engine off and on)

    Any fix is highly appreciated

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    Sorry there is no fix, it is just the way it is.
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    I haven't run Traffic X in a long while.

    But regarding the WoA aircraft - back in FS2002 days when AI was first possible, people found that having the AI aircraft stop quickly and exit the runway quickly was the key element in getting airports to handle near realistic levels of AI traffic.

    As a result, AI aircraft flight dynamics for over 10 years have been largely designed to have the aircraft land close to the threshold, to stop quickly, and exit the runway as soon as possible.

    You might want to look at replacement flight dynamics will longer rollouts from Jan Martin -

    His table list the rollout/ braking distance for his FDE sets

    As I said - this will result in AI aircraft taking longer to clear the runway at most airports. At busy airports like Heathrow, JFK, Atlanta - it could result in more go-arounds.
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    Thanks friend,
    You gave me exactly what I was lookin for, I will check and let u know.
    In the mean time, I got an alternate solution for this problem of mine, I read this solution on a forum on FSdeveloper. I am providing you the URL to that forum thread which you all can read

    how to install the FDE Set provided by you.

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