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Thread: FSX reinstall on Windows 8 x64. Error 1628: Failed to complete Installation

  1. Unhappy FSX reinstall on Windows 8 x64. Error 1628: Failed to complete Installation

    On a new Dell Laptop with Windows 8 x64, I installed FSX Gold, which ran but aborted quickly. To reinstall I am using a short cut to the DVD 1 "setup.exe" file with Run as administrator and XP SP3 compatibililty turned on.
    I have tried uninstalling Norton 360 and FSX. Every attempt I get “1628: Failed to complete Installation.” during InstallShield with the first DVD.

    I have tried everything mentioned in the Windows 7 solution:
    However the architecture of installing in Windows 8 is apparently different.

    The only exception to that was when I tried installing in Safe mode (a suggestion in the MS KB article above). That gets an error 1607 much quicker, probably due to the new install architecture in Win 8.

    I am aware that MS does not say if FSX will run under Win 8 x64.
    Does anyone have FSX Gold working well in Windows 8 x64?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Once you make an installation attempt, some files are put into your system and all of them must be removed, prior to a re-install.

    PMDG's FSX Un-install/Re-Install Guide should help...Don
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    i had a problem reinstalling the sdk, try this

    but what really worked for me was while watching that and after i renamed install shield and tryin to install again, i went to (program files x86/common files/install shield/driver/11/intel32) and noticed idriver had the compatability check to windows xp, unchecked it applied and intsalled with out problems.


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    Psst, Tomasz... this thread is 2 years old....

    Don't let this discourage you from posting, though!


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    that worked for me, thanks

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