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    i would like to activate FSX but that's seems impossible,
    i just bought gold edition+acceleration i have key code but it's not possible to activate FSX by internet
    i tried by phone..impossible, i called microsoft the response is: "FSX is now obsolete, therefore we can not do anything for you, however you can try to ask for help by microsoft comunity..."
    so, must register to the comunity...try to find the good topic but FSX no longer exists.
    Is there someone who could help me?
    Sorry for my bad english i'm french
    [email protected]

    Thank's for answers

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    It's not possible to activate by the internet? Why?

    I've done an internet activation within the past week and it worked perfectly.

    With the FSX Gold package (it is not a new version, just the DVDs for FSX Deluxe and FSX Acceleration in the same box) you have to install the two FSX Deluxe DVDs.

    You need to start FSX an Activate FSX with the FSX code in the box.

    You then need to shutdown FSX without making any changes.

    Load and install the Acceleration DVD

    Start FSX and activate with the Acceleration code in the box.
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    In addition to Reggie's advice, in your FSX folder is a file named "Phone Activation.xml".

    Open that file with Notepad and locate the country you are in. A phone number will be listed that you can call.

    This is not Microsoft Support, it is an automated activation and you do not talk to a real person, simply punch your activation key into the phone when told to.

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    Thx bean.. but where can i find the activation key? i have a product key is it the same?

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    "Product Key" it is...Don
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    I reinstalled FSX Deluxe on one of my two computers last week, and had no trouble activating it with the key that is written inside the box.


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    Don't quote me but I read somewhere that the online activation is still in effect for the U.S. and Canada only. Everywhere else will need to use the phone activation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    Don't quote me but I read somewhere that the online activation is still in effect for the U.S. and Canada only. Everywhere else will need to use the phone activation.
    Just re-activated today in the UK. No problems.

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    Re-activated in the UK for my uncle last weekend following a reinstall after hardware upgrade.

    No problem.

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