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    Over the last few days I saw some post about overzealous moderators on the forums. After reading the responses, I felt that I need to share my own two cents. Back in 1992, I was a bbs forums moderator for a small Paradox Database users group and as such I was in charge of keeping the forum civilized and at time on point. As such I was force by the the user's own lack of civility and common sense of the rules govering the BBS that I terminated his access to use it. and at time censor the words used. I took no pride in deleted threads or user account due to the abuse but it was done to help make it one of the few at the time better forums for users of Paradox database.

    In short when you post on the forums you agree to the terms outlined by the Site owner, and thus must follow the rule and be civilized. If you decide to spout off and be abusive, yes you will be removed and if not severely chastised by the community as a whole. Please let us be civilized and respectful. For we are only Guest here and have no right to impose our will on the owner of this site.

    Thank you for listening

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    Why didn't you just post your comments HERE, rather than start the same old redundant topic?

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    Ha! this thread is already getting angry .
    I want it banned ,locked and shredded NOW!
    HA! I have not used a capital letter for my own name.
    This should not be tolerated ! I need to be banned ,locked shredded and embedded till I am very nearly but not completely deaded.
    Why are simmers such a bad tempered lot?
    IAM NEVER ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

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