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Thread: no tire marks on landing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CessnaFlyer View Post
    i found that during a landing i did with the 747-400. that there are no tire marks. is there away to enable that? cause the 747 737 and the dc 3 should have tiremarks upon touch down. and where do i find the aircraft cfg's to edit them for this?
    This is the default Effects for all the jets in the aircraft.cfg file.

    touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1

    If you want tire skid marks then you add to the list the following line


    If you want Engine startup smoke then add 1 of the 2 available to the Effect section. The DC3 by default uses the jenny

    startup=fx_engstrt_jenny, 1
    startup=fx_engstrt_cub, 1

    The following is a full list of what is available as an effect in FSX. You can also get some good effects off the internet and substitude what FSX uses. If you see the word TRUE in the effect description then add a , 1 at the end of the effect line. If you see the word FALSE do not add any number at the end of the effect. Some effects in the list also show what airplane uses it by default.

    wake= The wake effect name. fx_wake False
    Airbus A321( wake=fx_wake )

    water= The landing, taxiing or taking off from water effect. fx_spray False
    Airbus A321( water=fx_spray )

    waterspeed= Traveling at speed on the water. fx_spray False

    dirt= Moving on dirt. fx_tchdrt False
    Airbus A321( dirt=fx_tchdrt )

    concrete= Moving on concrete. fx_sparks False
    Airbus A321( concrete=fx_sparks )
    DG808S( concrete=fx_tchdwn_s )

    touchdown= The touchdown effect, which usually is followed by an optional 1 to indicate the effect is to be run once only. fx_tchdwn True
    Airbus A321( touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 )
    Aircreation582SL( touchdown=fx_tchdwn_s, 1 )

    contrail= Contrail effect, applies to jets flying above 29000ft. fx_contrail_l False
    note: there is also a fx_contrail_s (shorter contrail). By default FSX uses 29,000 ft unless you add a temperature line in the [GeneralEngineData]
    I use this
    max_contrail_temperature = -27 //Temperature (deg C) below which contrails may appear

    startup= Engine startup. fx_engstrt True
    Douglas DC-3( startup=fx_engstrt_jenny)
    Piper Cub( startup=fx_engstrt_cub )

    landrotorwash= Rotor wash. Helicopters only. fx_rtr_lnd False

    waterrotorwash= Water rotor wash. Helicopters only. fx_rtr_wtr False

    vaportrail_l Left= wing vapor trail. fx_vaportrail_l False

    vaportrail_r Right= wing vapor trail. fx_vaportrail_r False

    l_wingtipvortice Left= wingtip vortice (contrails off the wingtip, usually from a jet such as the F18). fx_wingtipvortice_l True

    r_wingtipvortice Right= wingtip vortice. fx_wingtipvortice_r True

    fueldump= Fuel dump active. No default effect False

    EngineFire= Engine fire. fx_engfire False
    Bell 206B JetRanger( EngineFire=fx_heliFire )

    EngineDamage= Engine damage. fx_engsmoke False

    EngineOilLeak= Oil leak. fx_OilLeak False

    SkidPavement= Skid on tarmac, leaves a mark. fx_skidmark False

    SnowSkiTrack= Skid on snow. No default effect False
    Maule M7 260C Ski paint1( SnowTrack = fx_snowtrack )

    WheelSnowSpray= Taking off on snow. fx_WheelSnowSpray False
    Maule M7 260C Ski paint1( WheelSnowSpray = fx_WheelSnowSpray )

    WheelWetSpray= Taking off on wet runway. fx_WheelWetSpray False
    Maule M7 260C Ski paint1( WheelWetSpray = fx_WheelWetSpray )

    WetEngineWash= Similar to waterrotorwash, the effect a propeller has on wet terrain when flying below 65 Ft. fx_WetEngineWash False

    SnowEngineWash= Similar to waterrotorwash, the effect a propeller has on snow covered terrain, or when it is snowing, when flying below 65 Ft. fx_SnowEngineWash False

    WaterBallastDrain= Draining the water ballast, applies only to sailplanes. fx_WaterBallastDrain False

    PistonFailure= One or more pistons failed. fx_PistonFailure True

    windshield_rain_effect_available= Special case, set this to 0 to turn off the effect of rain on the windshield.
    Curtiss Jenny( windshield_rain_effect_available = 0 )


    Additional Effects will cause FPS to lower. Be sure your computer can handle the additional effects.
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    Default no tire marks on landing.

    hey thanks i'll give that a try now.
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    Before you do all that check you have the fx_skidmark.fx installed and correctly named in the Effects folder. Two years ago, when you were already a member of this forum, we identified a problem with that file in causing massive fps issues after landing and recommended its removal or re-naming.

    It may simply require you to restore that failed file, and then you can create a new topic on why your fps are dropping through the floor on the runway

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    Did you give up on VOODOO touchdown? I get smoke and skidmarks galore!
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    Default no tire marks on landing.

    no i haven't tried the VOODOO touch downs yet. i thought it was the runway texture. but i think i'll get the VOODOO effects now and give a jet a try again and see what i get.
    8 gigs of ram
    1TB HardDrive
    3.10ghz processor windows 7 64 bit.

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    Default no tire marks on landing.

    ok i got it to work with VOODOO'S tire marks. i have to take out the orinal effect in the aircraft cfg and have just VOODOO's for it to work. looks awsome now.
    8 gigs of ram
    1TB HardDrive
    3.10ghz processor windows 7 64 bit.

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    Great list, Jim...Thanks for posting it.

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    Default no tire marks on landing.

    i never thought when i did that to remove the old one before doing that. the skidmark on the pavement didn't work for me. i think i did something wrong. but voodoo's is working just fine on my 737-800.
    8 gigs of ram
    1TB HardDrive
    3.10ghz processor windows 7 64 bit.

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