Hi All, My god daughter,knowing my love of all things aviation got me a copy of this book for Christmas.It has to do with the state of the fledgling aviation industry in the very early years.It is based around a two week period in New York at Belmont Park,which,at that time had been turned into an aviation "race track" to exploit the dashing pilots and amazing machines of the time.It includes some great actual photos of the pilots,including Wilbur and Orville Wright,Glenn Curtis,John Moisant and quite a few others.It goes into detail on the Balloon races and the different distance challenges that were financed by both private sector and the News Media of the time. Some of the prize purses hit as high as $50.000 dollars and in 1910 that was a lot of money.You can find it at Amazon.com in both paperback and E-Book form if you have a Kindle or some such device. It is a great read,once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. The author is Gavin Mortimer by the way! Highly recommend it!