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Thread: Correct directory for compiled scenery?

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    Default Correct directory for compiled scenery?

    Hi, When I alter the scenery, say at KPSP, what directory is the new file supposed to be stored in? My scenery changes show ok in ADE but when I compile my database manager in FS Commander, it doesn't pick up the changes there. Right now, it looks like the compiled files are being store in c:\users\myname\documents.... that doesn't seem correct. Thanks for helping direct on where I should direct newly compiled files.

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    I would make a new folder under Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery, name it KPSP_2013 or whatever you like. Within that folder create a new "Scenery" folder and compile the airport into that folder. In FSX make sure you add the "KPSP_2013" scenery area to the scenery library.


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    When you compile ADE will show the dialog so that you can choose where to put the compiled airport. As Jim says you need to make sure that it is an active scenery folder in FS. ADE will remember the last folder you compiled to. However the first time you compile you will need to specify an appropriate folder.

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    Also make sure you understand that saving an airport and compiling an airport are not the same thing.

    Saving an airport creates an .ad2 project file which contains all the info ADE uses for the airport including lots of data that FS will not need.

    Compiling an airport takes all that data and converts it to a format that FS will use and understand. That file needs to be in an active scenery folder.

    If I remember correctly, ADE will initially attempt to save the .ad2 project file to My Documents.

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