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Thread: Can't get different sets of textures to work with bglcomp created xml/bgl files.

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    Default Can't get different sets of textures to work with bglcomp created xml/bgl files.

    Quite a bit of a story.

    I downloaded a static scenery item in the form of an item.bgl file (not its real name). Using bglcomp, i combined it with my own first.xml to create an item.bgl file. I put item.bgl and source.bgl into Place1\scenery. The source.bgl file came with some texture bitmaps. I copied those into Place1\texture. I now fly there, and there is my beautiful scenery, duly painted with the textures. All of this works exactly as per the SDK, 100%, no problems.

    I now repeat the process, but for a different location. So I combine the same source.bgl with a different location specified in a second.xml via bglcomp to create item.bgl, which I put it into Place2\scenery. I copy the texture files into Place2\texture. BUT.... I now want the textures slightly different, so I Paintbrush them.

    Well that doesn't work. What I get are the textures from whichever of Place1 or Place2 is higher up in the priority list in the "Add scenery" windows. It does not depend on which folder holds the original source.bgl file.

    Is there anyway I can get this to work? Two (or possibly more) bglcomp-created bgl files, from the same source file (and therefore using texture files of the same names) all for different locations, each using its own textures?

    Steve from Mudgee.

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    You have a duplicate GUID problem. The placement file in Place2\Scenery is calling the object out of Place1\scenery\source.bgl for whatever reason (maybe because Place1 is alphabetically before Place2). Only one instance of each GUID can be loaded in the sim at a given time and the model will use the textures from the associated texture folder for whichever one it decides to load. You'll need to decompile the source.bgl and get the model out of it, then change the GUID in the resulting XML. Any 32 character alphanumeric string will work for the new GUID, I often do an MD5 checksum/hash on some random file when I need to generate an FS9 style GUID. Recompile that and put it in Place2\Scenery along with your new textures and it should work.

    To decompile visit Scruffy Duck and find Bgl2Xml or another one that works well is BGLAnalyze by Winfried Orthmann which you should be able to find in the file library.

    EDIT: Make sure you change the GUID in the Place2\scenery\placement.bgl and recompile it as well or it will still be looking for the original GUID which it will continue to find in Place1\scenery.

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    OK, Jim, good to hear from you again. Once again you are leading me into unchartered waters but I will give it a go.

    Steve from Mudgee.

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    I've got charts, no worries


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