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Thread: ford tri-motor over andes : can't get enough altitude ?

  1. Default ford tri-motor over andes : can't get enough altitude ?

    how get enough altitude ? 1928 scenario; thanks i cheated and got 12,000 ft. in jet, then switched back to ford, trying to do this scenario the honest, historical way; thanks again, happy new year !!

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    I've done it, but it was quite a few years ago. If I remember correctly, it is important to fly and climb at very near 72 mph - which is 62-63 KIAS. Any faster and you are not climbing fast enough, any slower and you won't have the fuel capacity. You also need too manually lean the mixture to make the engine most efficient. You also need clear weather so you can see the pass. The GPS in the terrain mode helps a lot if you learn how to use it.

    Makes you really appreciate what those pilots had to do to make those flights.
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    You will probably need to "step climb" - cruise at 5k-6k ft til you've burned off some fuel, then climb to 8k-10k ft and cruise til more fuel is gone, then climb to 12k-14k ft, etc. This procedure was used in propliners well into the fifties since few had the power and/or fuel to climb directly to their cruising altitude.

    Also look for the lowest convenient point to cross the mountains, you'll burn less fuel going a few miles off course for this than you will climbing an extra thousand or so feet.
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