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Thread: Help! I'm new to DCS products......

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    Hello all. Can anyone help me understand the DCS products? I recently purchased Lockon Platinum which includes FC2. I've flown it a couple of times mainly the training missions but I'd like to know if this is outdated and there is something better out there meaning more real. I enjoyed the falcon 4.0 sim with the theater simulation but since that's really too old for win 7 I can only find DCS. Also what's the DCS World? Is that worth looking into? Sorry for the elementary questions. Thanks again for the help!

  2. Default Help! I'm new to DCS products......

    Hi, I am also playing DCS-A10c warthog. Super realistic! What would you like to know?

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  3. Default Help! I'm new to DCS products......

    Disregard. I've figured it out already. It appears that DCS is making a great product and I have purchased the A10C. Can't wait until razbam finishes the F15E and DCS makes a new map. This sim is really going to make all combat sims seem elementary.

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