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Thread: ATC Radar Screen and Windows 8

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    I have recently upgraded my PC and am trying to install ATC Radar Screen v5. Before you install this, you are meant to install Manuel's Service Pack 3. Regrettably, this doesn't seem to want to work.

    Manuel's Service Pack 3 was designed for Windows XP SP3. So when I try to run the setup.exe I get an error stating:
    'Setup bootstrap for visual basic setup toolkit has stopped working'.

    I have tried changing the compatibility settings - but to no avail. I have no idea what to do or whether it is even possible to install this on Windows 8. I never had any problems on my old machine with Vista.

    If anyone can give me some tips or has a solution I would be extremely grateful.


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    The installer may be looking for Visual Basic runtime files like msVBvm60.dll, that were included in earlier versions of Windows.
    Don't have a clue if this will help.
    On the VB 6 page: "Unsupported Runtime Files:" may be a clue...Don
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