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    Interesting article I ran across today. Not exactly "real world" but close enough...

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    A bit of a crossover between our sim hobby and real world aviation. The price is pretty reasonable too. I'd be very tempted to try it if it were nearby.

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    A restored F-4J fighter plane cockpit is as real-as-it-gets (sorry Microsoft). If I was anywhere near Wichita, Kansas I would definitely do the 90 minute flight with the inflatable G suit. Hopefully he didn't fully restore the ejection seat.

    Following links through the Nu-Tek page got me to this video of someone using one of the restored cockpit simulators
    - Instruction Video at F-4 Sim

    "The public has a limited window of time to test the simulator, however, as it will go off exhibit in the new year. After Sunday, Messenger will continue to work on it so the museum can use it as a pilot training tool. ........ Smith said the museum is hoping to become more of a center for students in flight school to train and hone their skills through simulation.

    I've noticed more companies getting into the real flight training sector of flight simulation. There getting serious about tapping into that surge in growth of new pilots over the next 20 years.

    Here are a few related links I found while browsing the story.

    ABC News Post

    Nu-tek Home page - Where Justin Messenger works
    - You'll find videos under "Our Projects" for the Boeing B52-G Stratofortress restoration, Pan Am restore/integration they did for ABC Series, F-4 Phantom project and more.

    F-4 Phantom II Thunderbird Simulator
    - Found this link through Nu-Tek and it lead me to the Demo of the f-4 phantom instructional video

    Nice story thanks Robin!
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