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Thread: FSX version

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    Default FSX version

    Is there any plans for it anymore.
    Has it died a death?

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    Another year gone by and I'm still waiting, if it is dead, please send out the notice so I can at least send flowers.


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    We need the DF 727 for FSX.
    I would gladly pay $75 for it.
    If you make it and only charge $40 for it, I will send you the other $35 via paypal.
    Just PLEASE make it. I want my old school goodness on FSX.

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    You could always run FS9 for the 727 !

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    It's really not the same to fly in fs9 having a pc that runs fsx just fine! I also have this aircraft for fs9 and not being able to fly it in fsx is really a pity!
    I couldn't even care less about the vc texture as long it could ported to fsx!

    Who do we have to send money to get it to work in fsx? :-D

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