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Thread: Austin Meyer on CBS Morning News

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    I'm a supporter of Austin as well and sure hope he wins his lawsuit. I can remember when Austin first started X-Plane and how hard he worked at it. We use to send emails back and forth when I was developing and publishing software.

    I even had a couple of the really earlier versions of X-Plane and did some beta testing. He never gave up and accomplished an amazing thing - creating a flight simulator that competes against larger companies with more resources than he had. He never gave up even with Pro Pilot (Sierra), Fly (Terminal Reality), Flight Unlimited (Looking Glass) going under. Even with Microsoft's announcements about the future of their flight simulators, Austin drives on to bring us flight simulation in a market that others left.

    He has devoted his life to the project and still does and puts a lot of fun and crazy things into his simulator (I flew on mars lol). Heck yes, I''m supporting him. There is no doubt, he is the the type of person that creates his own software his own way. He is one of a kind in my book and he doesn't do it just to make money, he does it because he has a love and passion for it like all of us.

    Here here! Well said.
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    Don't forget Ben too. I love reading his blog...

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