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Thread: For Sale: Vrinsight CDU II

  1. Default For Sale: Vrinsight CDU II

    Its in perfect working order with all bits and pieces.
    I used it specially for PMDG NGX (most of the time), QualityWings Avro and the Level-D 767.
    You can configure the button layout on the CDU so that its matching the aircraft you are simulating, 2 sets of decals for all sorts of aircraft from Boeing to Airbus etc.. are included.
    I'm shipping it with the Boening 737NG layout but this is changeable.
    I used FSUIPC to configure everything and this works perfectly, with this method you don't need to run any extra software and you can run it in Fullscreen or window mode.
    Original box and packaging with all bits and pieces are included.
    Works with FSX and FS2004.
    Here you can watch it in action
    (This is not my video)

    I'm selling this because I don't fly airliners any more, I'm more involved in combat flight simulation.

    Shipping cost for UK, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg is only €15,50.
    The rest of europe €31.
    Inside Belgium €8,40 and the rest of the world €61.
    This is with Belgium Postal services but if you like some other company please let me know.

    - Realistically shaped and fully functional
    - All necessary buttons and LCD getting close to real flight
    - Offer actual flight circumstance via CDU II panel with full control complement
    - Visible LCD space : 9.1cm (L) X 8.4cm (W) / 4.8 inch
    - Fully metal cases
    - Standalone type

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    is the cdu still for sale?? if so how much ?


    George - U.K.

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    George. If you look at the original E-bay link you will find that the bidding ended long ago. 22/12/2012 I think.


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