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Thread: How do I "establish on the localizer?"

  1. Default How do I "establish on the localizer?"

    Is there an inherent problem with ILS approaches in FSX? Every time I put the autopilot on approach, it goes crazy! Do I need to go from GPS to VOR? Do I need to be inside the green glidescope arrow on the GPS? Thank you.

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    The NAV/GPS switch needs to be set to NAV if you want it to follow a radio's signal. You also need to be below the glideslope - and far enough out for it to turn onto the localiser and stabilise before the glideslope become live...

    Once the localiser is active (on your VOR1 display) if you switch the AP to approach mode it should turn you onto an intercept course and then intercept and track the localiser, then once the GS goes active it'll descend you on it. If you've no autothrottle it's up to you to manage your speed.
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    Just to add: Plot a course that will intercept the Localiser long before the airport(~10nm out). Shallow angles of intercept are best.
    < 30 deg angle, and 2000 ft AGL, works well. Greater than 90 deg may drive it to try and fly the back course which won't work for you.
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