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Thread: REX Real Environment Xtreme Essential Plus w/ overdrive from

  1. Default REX Real Environment Xtreme Essential Plus w/ overdrive from

    bought this software on 11/30 from, downloaded to PC and found file REX-105.rar
    1) don't know what a rar file is, or what it can be used for, thought it would be a
    "setup" file to apply to FSX
    2) have been calling (and leaving message for last 2 days to the REX support number) without a response
    3) have been emailing also
    Does anyone know what to do with a rar file, or what I must do to receive the software I paid for?
    I can get no satisfaction from REX

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    Oh thats easy to fix Alex, a .rar file can be opened with version here....

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    Thanks for a later version of winzip, after extracting file I have a file called REX-105, but there is nothing in that file to click on like a setup file.

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    Alex,your download should have included several ".cab" files,an "autorun" .ini and a set-up ".exe" plus a couple of other files that I can't remember off the top of my head.If you are not seeing any of these after un-packing the .RAR then the download is corrupted and you need to try to d/l it again.The file size is @4.36 gigs and a lot of people are having to use a "download manager" in order to get the product to d/l correctly.As far as support for the product,REX has some of the best so I don't know why your are not getting answers from the support forum at REX.Did you include your purchase number in your signature over at their forum? They will not give any help until you become "verified" as a legit purchaser.I hope you can get this situation worked out,best of luck.

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    Absolutely use a download manager for this. I use Internet Download Manager and got REP from the Flightsim store. Overdrive downloaded fine, too, but OD is the culprit as far as anomalies go. Lots of people are having issues with OD in particular. My only issue is not being able to save tropical waters after making adjustments to a particular theme....with the OD version. With REP alone, I can save tropical water themes after making adjustments. So, the REX gurus know this is an OD problem and will be coming out with a service pack soon.
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    Have you tried posting on the REX support forums??? You will of course have to supply your REX order number to become a verified member to recieve any sort of support, just as Gary suggested.

    I take it this is what you ordered.
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