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Thread: Get Weather V4.0 doesn't work properly

  1. Default Get Weather V4.0 doesn't work properly

    Does anybody help me on how to make Get Weather V4.0 working properly in FS2K Pro? I start it, then start FS2K and ask for "real weather" and all seems to be working right but if I turn off internet connection, "Real Weather" pops up a message because there is no connection when it should be communicating with Get Weather. I've read all Get Weather tutorial and tried everything but nothing works.

    OS: Windows 7
    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition

    Any help will be welcome. Thank you in advance.

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    I have the same problem with FS2000 pro, sorry I can't help. Perhaps you have it working now and could help me solve the problem? I was happy to download "real world weather" without the need for Get weather V4.0, but I have noticed the weather has stayed the same since mid 2014. Did Jeppesen or Microsoft stop this download service?

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