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Thread: Setting crosswind speed and direction in FSX

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    Default Setting crosswind speed and direction in FSX

    In earlier versions of FS one could easily set the airfield crosswind speed and direction for practice in crosswind take off and landings. I do not see any way to do that with FSX. Am I missing something here? You seem to be locked into 'packaged' regional weather conditions, but be unable to set local field conditions.

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    Free Flight/#3 Current Weather(click Change)/User-defined weather(click Customize.../in the Conditions section adjust slider to desired wind speed and then click and drag red arrow on compass for desired wind direction. You can also click on Advanced Weather and then the Wind tab for more options to control.

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    Many thanks. Will follow the directions you've given. I think I need to just swan around the program some more, clicking things and see what happens...would probably answer even more questions. In any case, gracias.

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