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Thread: Piper Turbo Aztec "E" Paint

  1. Default Piper Turbo Aztec "E" Paint

    I own a Piper Turbo Aztec "E".
    I have Fred Choate's for my FS9.
    Is there anyone out there that would be interested in painting Fred Choate's Aztec in my Aztec's colours?
    I can provide several exterior photos of my Aztec.
    Many thanks.


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    Hi hotshotmaverick,

    I have had Fred Choate's Aztec E and her amphibian sister the Nomad in my fleet since day one and enjoy flying both from time to time, but more into the big iron - Moach's 737-700.

    Over the years I've gotten into modifying 2D panels to add bells and whistles, airport mods and recently have taken up re-painting aircraft which has turned into an addiction. While I mostly do re-paints for the Moach 737 I have done a few for some of my GA planes too.

    The Aztec, although it's a real nice a/c really is kind of bland looking and there are a few inconsistencies in Choate's model. If you notice the center post is missing from the windshield, the window post between the second and last side window is too wide and the windows themselves are rather squarish (should be radiused). The most glaring of course is the totally squared wingtips. However, I still like her anyway.

    When I read this thread I decided to try a re-paint of mine to see how it would turn out before offering to do one for you. I did a search on and found a real world paint scheme I liked and gave it a whirl today. It really didn't take long at all and I'm sure you will agree that the results are spectacular compared to the original a/c textures. Quite a while ago I modified the panel to include a pushback/taxi speed gauge, FM radio that even plays 3 different Beachboys songs when you mouse over the keys and click on one of the three spots where your cursor turns into a hand. It also has a Piper yoke that you can show and hide by clicking on the toggle icon.

    I can't guarantee that it will be identical, but if you want me to try a re-paint for you I will try to keep it as realistic as my beginner skills permit. Send me a private message with some really clear photos of your bird (especially side shots and any close ups of details) and I will see what I can do for you. Right now I'm teaching quite a bit and with the holidays coming up things are kind of hectic, so I can't give you a time estimate, but I will try to do it as soon as I can.

    William James Woodward - Macaé, RJ Brazil

    This is my baby, she was born today. LOL

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AZTEC-E.jpg 
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Name:	AZPANEL.jpg 
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    Strange.... posting a message asking for something specific and then never check back to see if somebody replied.

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    Well I saw your response to his message and liked your paint job on your Aztec so much I have been considering asking if you could do a repaint of the very nice FSX Ercoupe to look like my N99462 when I owned her. I have it for FS9, but the main reason I've not switched to FSX is I can't paint and I don't want to loose my coupe. I would have responded sooner but didnt eant to seem brash. Afterall, your post was to someone else.

    If you would consider the repaint, I'll get you the FSX file name and a JPG of my Ercoupe.



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    Hi KCD,

    First of all do you know if your Ercoup is FS2004 or an adaptation of an earlier version of FS? If it was created for FS9 it should work 'as is' in FSX, it may not look so hot on the aircraft selection page, but it will work otherwise.

    Problem with doing a re-paint for FSX is that I only have FS9 and would have no way of fine tuning the textures to make certain that stripes, text and other details line up.

    Give your Ercoupe a try in FSX, if she doesn't work to your satisfaction then let me know, send me the file names of both FSX and FS9 versions, N number (if you have a preference), etc., and I will see what I can do for you. As I mentioned in the earlier posting it will be without guarantees and I can't promise any time frame.

    William James Woodward - Macaé RJ Brazil

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    Thanks for the post, and the tip. I will load my Ercoupe (John Woodward FS9 version) into the FSX demo and see if it flies. I'll let you know.


    P.S. Note...

    You are quite right, the FS9 file works reasonably well in FSX. However, there are panel issues I will have to address, and there is a serious problem with the model that might not be fixable. This Ercoupe version was originally created by John Woodward in 2002 for FS 2002. He later modified it for FS9. It did come with a virtual panel, but I fly with a 2D panel that is a replica of my real panel (or as close as I can make it). The lights will work with a switch, but they also function with the "L" key (which closes the canopy as well. The problem is with the canopy. In FSX it paints the glass black and there is no transparency; this is a real problem and gives new meaning to “Fling blind”. Any thoughts you might have for this? Also, the paint job I did was the best I could do (and that's far from perfect. If we can get the problems corrected, I will find a copy of FSX Gold and upgrade. If I do that, I would ask if you would repaint the bird to a photo and description I would provide. Would that make sense?

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    Hi KCD,

    Unfortunate that the plane was originally modeled for FS2002 and not 2004, most a/c earlier than FS9 have lots of issues when trying to migrate them upward to newer versions of FS. Some have missing parts and/or animation and others simply won't work at all. I've got a real beauty of a BD5-J which flies like a dream, but it has no visible landing gear. Sits properly above the tarmac as it thunders to a smooth takeoff, but looks ridiculous.

    As far as I know the opaque windows are some kind of texture issue. You might be able to find a fix by doing a search on the phrase, opaque windows / foggy windows / black windows.

    The issue of the 'L' key controlling both the lights and canopy I don't know, it might be possible to change one or the other in Settings/Change Assignments, but I doubt it. You will probably have to actually go in and edit the aircraft.cfg file.

    If you can't work out the bugs send me the file names and some pix of your bird.

    William James Woodward

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    William, that Aztec looks fantastic. I would very much like you to re-paint the Aztec in my aircraft's colours. As I am new to this Forum communication stuff, please advise how I send you a private message with photo attachments. Thanks.


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    Hi Hotshotmaverick,

    And this is how your Aztec has turned out. I know you'll be very happy with her. I will zip the files for the textures and panel and send them off to you by e-mail in the next couple of days.

    Happy flying!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AZTEC.jpg 
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    Do you guys mind sharing this beautiful plane? Does it have a vc that has all the gauges showing in fsx

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