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Thread: Does FSX work with Windows 8?

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    Default Does FSX work with Windows 8?

    So, does FSX work with Windows 8?

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    From what I've seen on other forums nothing works with Windows 8 especially MS Flightsimulator. I saw a post where somebody already installed Windows 8 Flightsim wouldn't work no matter what he did and he is now going to reformat the HD and re-install Windows 7.

    My question is this.... Why in the world would anybody want to install Windows 8 when it's still in its infancy and full of bugs? Is it just a status thing, being able to tell everybody you've got it? Hell, they still haven't worked out all of the problems with Windows 7 yet. Install Windows 8 if you really want, but don't say nobody every told you when you find it sucks and nothing works.

    I use Windows 7 and even it isn't all that hot. I've really got to say that the general concensus is that as far as Flightsim goes nothing has ever worked better than XP. I often wish that I could DOWNGRADE to XP on my system, it was so much better in every way. Microsoft has been the world leader at proving the old addage... Newer isn't necessarily always better. I've used XP, Vista and 7 and from my own personal experience simming has never been the same since I could no longer run it on XP.
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    What if he just purchased a new computer and it only came with Win 8?

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    FSX does work with windows the avsim forums..the guys there have it working for modern pc's just purchased, Jim has a good point..they will be shipped with win8 so the question will FSX WORK WITH WIN8 is a valid and good question!....personally i wont be upgrading to win8 for a long time unless i can see any logical reasons to ditch win7....

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    Well, I have Windows 8 installed on my system and FSX works the same as Windows 7. Only problem is my EagleSoft Citation X 2.0 crashes FSX now, althought it used to work fine on Windows 7.

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    It has been my experience that FSX runs fine on Win 8 Pro 64b. I wouldn't use Win 8 on a system with extensive overclocking because of the relatively newness of the hardware drivers, but I'm sure the manufacturers and Microsoft will smooth out driver anomalies as the O/S matures.

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    I installed the W8 Release Preview a little over a month ago for the main purpose of finding out how FSX and W8 were going to get along. I switched over to the full Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center as soon as it became available.

    I've got right about 90-95 hours flight time logged in FSX flying under Windows 8RP and 8Pro, and FSX runs like a champ.

    All of the flight hours have been flown with ActiveSky2012, UTX, GEX, FSG, FSUIPC, AccuFeel with the Fly Tampa and LatinVFR scenery that I own. I've been working my way through all of my payware aircraft doing full flights from cold start to full shut down. So far almost every aircraft that I have installed works just fine.

    The one issue that I have had and as I have noticed in at least two Windows8/FSX threads, there may be some aircraft that don't want to seem to want to work in the W8/FSX environment.

    I currently use payware aircraft from a variety of the developers and have only run into one aircraft that at this time, that is unusable in Windows 8. I own two aircraft from these folks and both flew perfectly in W7/FSX. The odd thing is that the older of the two aircraft gets along with W8 just fine, while the newer release is not compatible. I've tried to install and use it several times in the W8RP and then the W8Pro, with the same results both times.

    My best guess given the amount of actual flight time I've got in this W8 setup is that FSX is fine, but that possibly a few add-ons here and there may have some issues early on.

    As I'm typing this, I'm at cruise alt in the CaptainSim C-130 over the Caribbean, with UTX,GEX and FSG for this area down below and real world weather running thru ActiveSky2012.


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    So, how did you guys install FSX in Windows 8 cause i cant install it, over and over again i get this error
    "failed to load dll gameuxinstallhelper"

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    FSX didn't work on Windows 8 for me.

    I gave it one try to install FSX in Windows 8 & when it didn't work I uninstalled it. Which means the score for my new Windows 8 machine is Windows 8 = 2 Windows 7 = 6. The only games that have installed in Windows 8 and which work well are Avatar and X-Plane 10. Besides FSX Gold the following games won't install or won't work if they do, Dirt3, Dirt Showdown, Need For Speed Shift 2, IL*2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover and Flight Gear. Warbirds Dogfight kinda works om Win 8; by that I mean it works on one monitor but does not scale up to my 4800x900 triple monitor display.

    On the other hand MS Office 10 and Adobe Elements & Premier 10 seem to work just ticky-boo in Windows 8.

    I've had problems loading benchmarking software and a few others (PC Wizard for example won't work). Some old programs I have like Nero 5 for burning disks & etching my Lightscribe images on DVD's works just fine. It really is hit & miss.

    As for why I upgraded ~ I just built this new system* and ran smack into Windows 7 Home Premium's 16 GB RAM limit. I bought 32 GB RAM for my system without realizing this limit. My option was to forget I had bought that extra 16 GB of RAM, or upgrade to either Windows 7 Pro, or Windows 8 (any version) It was cheaper and easier to get Windows 8 Pro than to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro which I would have to download - I live in rural Alberta and rely on satellite internet which was recently upgraded to a whopping 3.5 Mbps - it was 1.5-2.0 Mbps on a good day. Now I sometimes even see 4 flash by when doing Downloading anything of significance takes hours and sometimes times out which is a pain after trying for several hours to get something. So when I realized I could just go to the store and buy Windows 8 Pro for $69 it made sense, even if it was the first day of the release of a new system which is probably full of bugs and which by my experience is not supported by many programs (mostly games).

    But now my system is a dual boot system. Windows 8 is the future, it has the 32 GB of excess RAM (some of which I use for a RAMdisk) and it is cool to be on the bleeding edge - sometimes. I still had my Windows 7 disks. So I have to decide if I'm "working" in MS Office/Adobe Photoshop or am I playing. If playing boot to Windows 7 - for work boot to Windows 8. Yes that is sub-optimal but it is a work around that works for me.

    BTW I'm new to this flight sim gaming (never had FSX or X-Plane before) I did play a few helicopter war games like Comanche & Apache Helicopter a decade or so ago. So will probably have lots of questions. Like why didn't FSX give me the option of where I wanted to have it install - I didn't want it on my C: Drive (a 120 SSD where space is a premium) but rather on my 2T SATA III drive where I keep all my games, images, docs etc. The SSD is reserved for the OS, MS Office & Adobe Photoshop - I only have 11 GB left on that drive. Now that FSX Gold is being demoted to Windows 7 - that system is on another hard drive so not a big issue but I'd still like to load it onto the 2T SATA III drive instead of the old 750GB SATA II drive.

    * PS for those who want to know the new rig I just built has the new AMD A10-5800X on a new ASUS F2-A85-M Pro Trinity based motherboard and has two HD 6670 CrossFireX'd (total VRAM is 3 GB), 32 GB 1600 Ghz Kingston HyperX Red RAM, 120 GB HyperX SSD for the C:drive, 2T SATA III storage drive, Blue-Ray optical drive, Windows 8 Pro (& now Windows 7 Home). It is OC'd to 4.6 Ghz and the GPU is also tuned up a little. This was my first DIY computer 'rig', a great experience and yes if I was to do it all over again I'd do it differently but this will be my system for the next few years. I like it.
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    Most stores will load Windows 7 for you (at a price). $60 at Toshiba Direct.

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